The Top Weight Loss Programs


People might muse as to the most popular weight loss programs. There are really so many to try out there with varying success rates.

One of the most popular is Weight Watchers. People like this type of group because you all go to support one another at the weekly meetings. The leader is a successful graduate of their program and has had previous weight battles. Also, people can eat what they want, whether it is dessert or alcohol, but they cannot exceed their point limit for the day.

Another good plan is Jenny Craig. Jennifer Simpson is an advocate of this plan. Many people like buying frozen meals and then knowing that that is all they can eat in a day, and no more. It often includes dessert and the meals are notoriously yummy.

Finally, the Bernstein Clinic has made some head way in helping the obese. They give vitamin B shots and sound medical advice to their clients. Many people like a medically supervised crash diet course like this.

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